I’m Engaged…. What Now?

First things first, Pick a date. If you’re not too fussed on the date, pick your venue and work around when they are available. Also think about if you’ve got your heart set on a particular flower to use and check when they are in season.. Peonies for instance I feel like are only available like 6 days in the year!

Date / Venue picked – next, book in your Celebrant, Photographer & Videographer, these are the services that most likely book a year, sometimes more, in advance.

When Is The Earliest I Can Get Married?

In 1 month. The first legal form – Notice Of Intended Marriage (NOIM) needs to be lodged no later than 1 month prior to your Ceremony. For example; if you complete the NOIM on 15th January 2017 the earliest date you can be married is 15th February 2017.

When completing the NOIM, your celebrant will need to see from you both, Proof of Birth Place and Photo ID. Which can be done with a Passport or Birth Certificate (not an extract) & Drivers License

I Need To Get Married ASAP!

If you cannot wait 1 month, you can apply for a Shortening Of Time. However, there are very strict guidelines. Your application must be for;

1. Employment related or other travel commitments,

2.Wedding or celebration arrangements, or religious considerations,

3.Medical reasons

4.Legal proceedings

5.Error in giving notice.

Contact the prescribed authority, Births Deaths and Marriages (in Australia), to discuss your circumstances and get more information on 1300366430.

When And How Can I Change My Name?

It is not compulsory to change your name to your partners, but if you want to, you will need to apply for an Official Marriage Certificate this can be done at any time after the ceremony. The Marriage Certificate you receive from your Celebrant at your ceremony is only a commemorative one.

How Long Should My Ceremony Go For?

Personally, I think a ceremony should not go longer than 20 minutes. Think that’s too short? Go stand outside or in your living room, holding hands looking at each other with a stop watch.. 20 mins is a long time.

Why Do Celebrants Costs So Much?

Apart from you and your beloved, the celebrant is the next most important person there, without your celebrant, the day is just an expensive party. As a celebrant our fees cover not only turning up on the day and #hitching you both, but we put a lot of time into writing your ceremony, carefully completing all the legal forms and requirements. Our fee’s also cover fuel and transport costs, to get to and from meetings and ceremonies, postage for all the legal forms, purchasing certificates and stationary that is needed on the day, insurance and of course feeding our families. At the end of the day you could just go to the registry office, which will still costs you around $500-$700. So might as well put your investment into somebody you really get along with and fit’s your style and morals.


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