You’ve found someone you want to be with ’til death.

Now you want to make each other legally yours without any internet dribble marriage poems then put on a big party with your favourite people.


Let’s get something straight from the start, I’m not your average celebrant. 

I’m the Tradition Breaker. 

I guarantee that I will not add any “marriage is the circle of love that will never be broken” bs into your ceremony.

“Thank you to this beautiful being! You listened to everything, sort through the crazy and delivered a ceremony perfectly us!

We cannot thank you enough!

Highly recommend to all – this chick is the bees knees!

Steph & Adam


Ok, so I’m a cut-throat realist, but also have a big heart and plenty of warmth to give. Together, we will create a ceremony, that will make both your mum & your mates enjoy.

Music is a big part of my life, so I make sure your some of your fave hits are included.

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