Music plays a big part in the ceremony. It sets the tone for the rest of the day and night and brings more of your personalities into the ceremony.

I recommend choosing 3 songs for the ceremony;

1. Aisle Song – pick whatever you want, slow, fast, metal, EDM..

2. Kiss Song – pick a happy upbeat number that comes in with a bang

3. Introducing you as married – again a happy upbeat, a ‘we just got married Let’s PARTY” song

Here are a few non traditional, don’t hear at every wedding songs.. I’m always adding to these playlists.

Aisle Songs

Kiss / Walk Out Songs

Press Play 

Awkward Silence is something you absolutely do not want in your ceremony.

For The Cash package, I will control your music, and play it from my PA or if you have a band / muso they can do it. 

If you book The Jagger Package I will bring along a ‘Soundy’ to set up Professional Sound Speakers, make sure all the music is cued up and played at the right time. This includes up to 1 hour pre-ceremony music. 

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