No Repeats here.. 

Every single ceremony I write is different, personalised to reflect your life and relationship.

Like Bob, The Dylan is super low key. 

3 Chords;

  • Legal wording by me (The Monitum)
  • Legal wording by you (Mandatory Vows)
  • Legal Paperwork – 2 witnesses required

This can be done anywhere, your place, the coffee shop, your favourite bar and have a Hendricks & Cucumber after.


*Available Weekdays Only

Get a bit more Rhythm with this one. 

Still low-key enough that you’re not in the spotlight too long. But long enough to feel in love and all shook up.

  • Tell your story
  • Personal Vows
  • All the Legal Paperwork
  • Venue of your choice
  • Quality PA System


Want a bit more? This one is sure to give you the Satisfaction you’re looking for.

You want your mate to come tell a story or you want to Sage any neg vibes away, cleanse yourselves into your new life. Well then this one’s for you.

All the legal stuff covered, then basically whatever you want, anything goes… except Sand Ceremonies.. I don’t do those.

Venue of your choice
Professional Sound System and Sound Guy



Let’s be real, there is nothing worse than being at a wedding and not being able to hear anything, well.. yes, there is something worse – Awkward Silence – I make it a high priority to make sure everything is loud and clear by using great equipment.

Sound Guy.. if you book the Jagger Package I will bring along a ‘Soundy’ to set up speakers at the back and front, make sure all the music is cued up and played at the right time. This includes up to 1 hour pre-ceremony music. 

T’s & C’s

Travel Fees: Incur for locations over 60km from Coolum Beach 4573

Booking Fee: A non-refundable booking fee of $200 due 14 days from initial meeting or booking confirmation to secure your date and the lodgement of NOIM

Animal Policy: Please note, I would love for you to have your personal pets involved in the ceremony, however I do not endorse the use of hired animals or creatures for the use of rituals or ceremonies eg; butterflies and doves

Refund Policy: Should you cancel the ceremony or engage a new celebrant up to 30 days prior to ceremony, 50% of the balance will be refunded.

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